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I am a regular mama who unleashed our kids from the formal education system to complete Freedom to learn organically. Unlearning all that I have been taught has been required to pursue this lifestyle and it was triggered by the great “Covid Con” which ultimately I am now grateful.


I have three boys and I have been unschooling my two youngest sons since waking up to the absurdity of public health and public school back in May 2020.  I have studied and been coached personally by Dayna Martin, the founder of Radical Unschooling to become an “Unschooling Advocate” and free my children and myself  from the bondage of institutionalized slavery.


When I started, I had no idea that this path would radically transform the way that I parent, how I advocate for children’s rights and how I view the world in general. My pursuit for Freedom within our own country  has led me to question and investigate every system that has raised us and ask the fundamental question: Who does this benefit?


To sum it up: Unschooling is a philosophy and a lifestyle where you put the needs and interests of your children first before the needs of an institutionalized curriculum which adheres to a teacher, who answers to a principal, who reports to a Board, who complies to our government, who follows the WEF, who ultimately serve the elite ruling class families who control all of us!


It’s time to break that chain…We are not Free until we are All Free and that includes our children.


I offer weekly group parenting coaching calls, private coaching sessions and I am happy to share my story through various mediums.


Feel free to like my Instagram page for all parents (Unschoolers & Homeschoolers) alike to connect, share resources and create meetups. I know that we can create a great community for ourselves and our children outside of the school system.


I’m happy to connect and share this journey with all of you!

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In just three well-spent sessions, Tasha helped me name and take steps with conviction towards what I already knew in theory and heart was right for (my) children but just couldn't find a way to implement. She helped me to connect much more satisfyingly and support them. The result being my children started to show initiative and invest their energy in meaningful pursuits, even asking me to resume studies I had previously felt I had to be pushy with. Thank you, Tasha and I look forward to going deeper in the next year.

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tasha's group coaching sessions have created an open space for parents to come with questions, concerns, and comments around unschooling. Her knowledge, presence, and experience add so much to the conversations while incorporating others within the group to share and be supported. I have personally had 4 group sessions with her and was blown away by each of the meetings. I could feel, even over zoom, a supportive community being built as the meetings progressed and relationships built. I even noticed a change in my parenting over the month as my family and I have been transitioning away from the 'traditional school' into an 'unschooling' approach that has become way more in line with our family values. I would highly recommend these coaching sessions and look forward to taking more.

Jenna Orr

Being part of Tasha's group coaching community has helped me stay grounded in my decision to unschool my kids. I didn't know I was an unschooling parent, until I had listened to some of her podcasts and done some research. I thought I was homeschooling, but it didn't look like any other textbook way of doing school at home. It was much more than that!
The support that I've gained from this group has been essential, and so validating that I'm on the right track. If you're new to homeschooling or unschooling, you will LOVE Tasha's insights and mentorship! One of my biggest take-aways from her sessions is that it's us, the parents, that need to do the most unschooling and really dig deep to work on ourselves, because the kids are just fine.

Diana Peterson

Having Tasha as my protégé has been one of the most powerful experiences of my career. Her passion as an advocate has lit the world on fire! It's rare to meet someone who walks and speaks from such a clear, heart-centered, and authentic space. It's been an honor to be her mentor and I know she will continue supporting others and speaking truth to a world that so desperately needs her voice.

Dayna Martin
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