History & Current State of Schooling

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There's something extremely dark happening inside government schools and it's obvious that most parents may be a little behind of what that actually is. Allow Jason and Tasha to bring you up to speed very quickly on what's happening inside our government school system, in relation to children being absolutely destroyed mentally, emotionally and physically by the powers who masquerade as our altruistic governments around the world.

Jason will speak for the first hour, regarding the historical treatment of children and what ancient philosophies underpin the very real trend of sacrificing children to the state, various ancient deities or Gods etc. Jason will also provide a brief introduction to the type of mind control parents are exposed to in order that they illogically cheer on (and even celebrate) the destruction/sacrifice of their own children. 

Tasha Fishman (an unschooling expert.......follow her on Instagram at unschoolingyourkids) will give each participant a crash course on the extremely dark, inverted and dare I say "satanic" agendas now in full gallop within our government schools. If parents knew what was being taught to their children, they would pull their kids out of school immediately and make whatever sacrifices were necessary to make that happen. Unfortunately, most parents don't know what's happening and that's the point of this free talk. Jason and Tasha will show you exactly what your government, many teachers and the media want to purposely hide from you......regarding what they're doing to your children.