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Unschool your Mind &
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Learn to let go off old beliefs that no longer serve you and that are standing in the way of you and true connection with your child. Develop the confidence that you need to trust your child and their innate path that is waiting to unfold. Walk away peacefully from corrupt institutions playing identity politics with your kids. Learn to move away from the  'authoritarian parenting model' and towards the 'peaceful partnership' model. 

Get Unschooled

Whether you’re a homeschooler, Unschooler or your kids are still in the system, Unschooling the Mind will teach you skills and strategies to navigate between the old world which is dying and the new world that is in bloom.

  • What would it feel like to have a more authentic and fulfilling connection with your child?
  • What would it feel like to be excited instead of worried and anxious about the future?
  • What would it feel like to have freedom of time - to move at your own pace?
  • What would it feel like to have freedom of mind - kids get to choose what to explore by their interests and passions?
  • What would it feel like when Joy and Connection are the goals and Education becomes the byproduct?

How will Unschooling help me design the life that I truly desire?


You'll be inspired by others who are taking charge and creating strong communities around them.


You'll build confidence in yourself and your ability to pave a new path.


You'll connect with your child and your ability to meet their needs with ease.


You'll create the life that you truly want for your family by Your own standards, rhythms and seasons.

How will this Community transform my life?

There is nothing quite like the collective wisdom that is shared between people with like-minded values. This is the time when we must find ‚Äúour people‚ÄĚ to be able to navigate and thrive with our families in these times of upheaval. It can be as easy or as hard of a process as you make it but ‚ÄúComm-UNITY‚ÄĚ support and paradigm shifts are the key to transformation.¬†

Ready to shift your Mindset?

We look forward to hearing your stories, challenges, hopes and dreams. And we are ready to walk you across the Threshold. 

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When I first pulled my kids out of school, I was completely alone. It felt like I was a fish swimming in sand…I had to push my way through the pain to find new information, teachers, resources and tools that were foreign to me.

I've created everything that I wish had been there for me in those times of uncertainty and anxiety:

  • Coaching from someone who‚Äôs actually 'walking the talk'¬†
  • Support from an instant community of like minded parents
  • Resources, tools and options all in one place


Each master class addresses a real life challenge in the unschooling/homeschooling journey. Consider it a buffet - take in as much or as little as you would like.

We have so much to offer you - a lot to learn and share from your experiences too. That's what building community is all about.

This online community app is easy to navigate, user friendly and built for ease & accessibility for busy parents. 

  • Weekly Live coaching Calls.
  • Day & Night calls for internationals and replays are available for your convenience.
  • Opportunities for you to ask any questions, comment and strategize with Tasha.¬†
  • Network with parents in your area.
  • Discuss all concerns, challenges and celebrations as it pertains to our homeschooling journey.¬†
  • Solution focused to create a fulfilling and meaningful journey with our kids.
  • Share resources on family, health, education and information being suppressed in the mainstream.¬†

Mindset Shift

What drives the Unschooling Philosophy

Dark Agendas

Understanding them so you can teach you children discernment

Tough Stuff

Approach hard topics with older kids - think sexuality and pornography - before they do.

Tech as a Tool

Leverage tech for connection, while still safeguarding our kids

Diverse Abilities

Unschool our children with challenges anad disabilities.

Building Community

Create effective, lasting community right where we are.

Tell Me Lies

Unravel the lies we’ve been fed our entire lives within the school/system matrix.


Become more self sufficient and empowered in the years to come.


Prioritize the Connection-over-Curriculum principle.

Yes to Uni

Yes you can unschool to university - if you want to!

A little about me

I am many things - aren't we all? I feel called to lead as many awakened souls into the Unschooling the Mind community as possible. What can you know for sure about me? I will always 

  • Speak the truth¬†with humour and authenticity.
  • Offer solutions¬†you haven‚Äôt thought of.
  • Deal with the real¬†stuff - especially the tough stuff.
  • Confront¬†all things head on.
  • Fight¬†for what I believe in.
  • Build effective community
  • Stand up for my freedom and my family.
  • Protect, nurture and help my children¬†and yours¬†to learn and grow in¬†off system ways that ensure kids and adults spread their wings in this brave new world.

I know - that YOU CAN DO IT - you can unschool your mind and the minds of your children, with the support of this community.

I'm ready!

Diane P

" was a God send when I needed it the most, the safe landing that I needed to get a grip on my new life of becoming a homeschooling parent..."

Trina M

"...this app has far surpassed me expectations, Tasha & Diana attract authentic, thoughtful people, the level of discourse is educational, supportive and fun..."

Alynn P

"...even though my kids are still in the system...this has given me the much needed confirmation that I can do this and as alone as I have felt over the past few years I no longer feel that I am doing this in isolation..."



  • Become a private community member.
  • Create your profile and introduce yourself.
  • Book your first coaching call and RSVP from the calendar courses of interest.
  • Peruse the Resource Library at your own pace.
  • Take a deep breath - this is a marathon not a sprint. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

Priceless Opportunity



12 monthly payments*

  • Weekly group coaching with Tasha & one of our Unschooling Lead Coaches
  • Monthly Masterclass Workshops
  • Weekly Guest Speakers
  • Connection with Unschool the Mind parents
  • Access to our video resource library and toolbox
  • 24/7 Access




  • Weekly group coaching with Tasha & one of our Unschooling¬†Lead Coaches
  • Monthly Masterclass Workshops
  • Monthly Guest¬†Speakers
  • Connection with Unschool the Mind parents
  • Access to our video resource library and toolbox
  • 24/7 Access

*All prices in USD

People who do incredible things...get coached.

My membership is the most accessible way for you to receive high level coaching without the pricetag of 1:1 work.

Meet Coach Diana

Diana is an unschooling mom who is passionate about building community and connecting with parents leaving behind the public school systems and mindsets. She is also a former public school employee who went through her rite of passage to awakening in 2021 by seeing what was happening in schools at the time. That’s when she stumbled upon Tasha and has been learning and creating solutions by her side ever since.

This IS for you if 

  • You are no longer wanting to co-parent with Globalists.
  • You desire a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your child.
  • Your kids are in the system and you need tools and the confidence to help them navigate the BS.
  • You desire being a part of a caring community that shares the same values and beliefs around freedom and family.
  • You want to feel empowered, inspired and connected, and you want to drop the fear porn.

This is NOT for you if

  • You're¬†looking for a quick fix.
  • You aren‚Äôt coachable - as in you‚Äôre not willing to look at your own hidden beliefs and patterns.
  • You want to model the exact school system in your home at the kitchen table.
  • You believe that kids should be seen and not heard.
  • You believe that forcing any type of learning onto your child is what‚Äôs best for them.