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Ultimately children are the same as any of us…they want to be Free and it is their Birthright, contrary to what our culture teaches us. Our society trains us on how to train our kids, we receive messages early in our life that stem from an authoritative parenting style such as:

  • Kids must be compliant and obey their parents to become successful members of society.
  • Kids need schools and teachers to learn what they need to learn to become functioning adults.
  • Kids must be seen and not heard, their needs are secondary to the adults in their lives because those adults know what’s best for them.
  • Kids must be tested so they can be compared to their peers to have a competitive edge in life.
  • Kids must follow through with their commitments regardless of their desires, it will prepare them for the realities of a harsh world.

These beliefs are destructive in nature and will ultimately bring about conflict between you and your child. The core of these beliefs is about control which naturally invites conflict into relationships. Whether they are three or sixteen years old, your child will push back against your will and you will have a choice….push back harder and break their spirit or seek to understand their needs by nurturing their desires and interests.

Yes, this seems radical and perhaps unrealistic…this will challenge your hidden beliefs about parenting and you will have to let go of what you’ve been taught through your own experiences.  However, the payoff with your children is so worth it.

Dare to challenge your own limiting beliefs and enter into a magical space with your children by reclaiming your and their inalienable right to choose how to live life!

Allow me to share my experience with you from an authoritative parenting style to a radical unschooling style along with the beauty and messiness in between. I can help you make the leap from the old system to the new world while it seemingly crumbles all around us.

We are not Free until we are All Free and that includes our children.

Tasha Fishman

Coach, Mentor, Advocate

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