1. Relax – take a breath, this is a process and a big part of it is “unlearning” as parents what we have been taught. Have grace and compassion for yourself and your kids as you navigate this newfound Freedom.

  2. Find a Mentor – go online or to a Facebook group and find someone who resonates with you who is open to mentorship. This is a great way to sidestep some pitfalls and get support.

  3. Listen & Read – podcasts are great when you have little time to sit down. Find people that have gone the distance and learn from them.

  4. Find Support – make sure that the Board you choose supports unschooling and is familiar with this type of learning. It is crucial that you surround yourself with people who will
    support your goals.

  5. Have Fun! – try not to stress as I did at the beginning, you will see the progress in time and start to view this as an adventure rather than feeling overwhelmed by the unknown.

  6. Trust in Yourself – although the system would like you to believe that you are not capable of teaching your children, you are in fact the best person for the job! There is nothing more powerful than children being close and learning with a loving parent.

  7. Trust the Process – I was terrified at first that I was somehow going to fail my children or that they would be left behind in some way. Trust the process, you will see the growth and learning in time…you will see the change in yourself which has been the most surprising to me. I didn’t know at the time that not only would I be amazed at this new lifestyle, moreover, that I would never want to go back to the old one and neither would my kids.
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Tasha Fishman

Coach, Mentor, Advocate

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